SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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SFB 1243 Research Projects

Heinrich Leonhardt

DNA modifications in hematopoietic neoplasm evolution

Gunnar Schotta

Evolution of the regulatory landscape in haematopoietic malignancies

Florian Bassermann

Dissecting aberrant UPS functions in MCL evolution

Irmela Jeremias

Evolution of patients' leukemias growing in mice

Klaus Metzeler

Relevance of subclonal driver mutations in AML

Karsten Spiekermann

Clonal evolution of high risk acute myeloid leukemia

P. Greif/W. Hiddemann

Evolution of transcription factor mutations in myeloid leukemias

K. Götze/R. Oostendorp

Dissecting clonal hierarchy in MDS and involvement in transition to secondary AML

M. Subklewe/K.P. Hopfner

Targeting escape mechanisms in AML using multispecific antibody derivatives

Oliver Weigert

Oncogenic Evolution in Follicular Lymphoma

Marc Schmidt-Supprian

Clonal evolution in B cell lymphoma

U. Zimber-Strobl/R. Rad

Genetic evolution of pre-germinal center B cell lymphomas in transgenic mice

Wolfgang Enard

Single cell genomics

Ines Hellmann

Tracing clonal evolution via transcriptome changes and somatic mutations

Dirk Metzler

Population genetics of hematopoietic neoplasms

C. Fuchs/F. Theis

Computational models of neoplasms

Helmut Blum

Next generation sequencing analysis of hematopoetic neoplasm evolution

Graduate Program

Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)