SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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Important Tips, Links and Downloads

  • Inform yourself about  university policy for doctoral degrees (see links below), and what obligations you may have to graduate programs other than the IRTG 1243.
  • Both the TUM and the LMU University Libraries offer free licenses for the citation management programs Citavi and Endnote (see links below).
  • Watch Events and Workshops for courses offered through the IRTG.
  • LMU doctoral students can subscribe to the GraduateCenter LMU newsletter to be informed about upcoming courses.
  • Sign up for courses well in advance! Courses usually fill up very quickly.
    Note: in general, only sign up for a course if you can committ to the time. No-shows are not acceptable!
  • Different institutions and programs (LMU, TUM, Helmholtz, LSM, IMPRS, SFB 1243) offer possibilities for travel funding, lab visits or external methods courses. Inquire about possibilities with program coordinators.
  • Enrollment requirements: the LSM degree (Life and Natural Sciences) and the TUM-GS require that you are officially enrolled in their respective programs for 6 semesters. The LMU Faculty of Biology requires that you are enrolled for a minimum of 2 semesters. The LMU Faculty of Medicine has no enrollment requirement, except in the case of PhD med. res. program (see link below), which requires enrollment of 6 semesters.

Program Requirements

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Doctoral Degree Bureaus

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