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Good to know in a crisis

Although supervisors, group leaders and coordinators are generally primary sources for information and counseling, certain situations may require support outside of your immediate group or department.  Whether in cases of family care, personal work-life crisis, career development, discrimination or sexual or scientific misconduct, the following contacts are good to have at hand:

Please note: much of the online contact information is currently only available in German, but counseling and assistance is also offered in English.

Work conflicts

In cases of conflicts with employer, colleagues or relating to working conditions
LMU Conflict Resolution Officers
HELENA Counseling Office
TUM Compliance Office

Intercultural Counseling

For support regarding cultural issues in academics, work and leisure time
LMU Intercultural Counseling Center
TUM Intercultural Communication

Career Services

Start early – inquire during your doctoral studies about career development and orientation.
LMU Student und Arbeitsmarkt
LMU Forschungsförderung