SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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1243 Study Materials

Study materials are for use by SFB members and associates. See also Recommended Reading section.


Guidelines for good presentations (Heinrich's tips and "The Ten Commandments"; pdf, 300 KB)

Guidelines for good discussion (ongoing collection, started from our retreat feedback meeting in 2016; pdf, 77 KB)

1243 Fundamentals Lectures

Hematopoiesis (pdf, 10 MB) Karsten Spiekermann

Molecular Mechanisms of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (pdf, 2 MB) Philipp Greif

Role and Regulation of DNA Modifications in Development and Disease (pdf, 5.8 MB) Heinrich Leonhardt

An evolutionary biologist's take on cancer (pdf, 2.7 MB) Ines Hellmann

Acute myeloid leukemia – the clinical perspective (pdf, 6.1 MB) Klaus Metzeler

Introduction to malignant non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (pdf, 20 MB) Oliver Weigert

Xenograft mouse models (pdf, 5 MB) Irmela Jeremias

Syngene mouse models (pdf 41 MB) Marc Schmidt-Supprian

Single Cell Genomics (pdf 2 MB) Wolfgang Enard

Comparative Single Cell Seq Methods (pdf 6,4 MB) Christoph Ziegenhain

Cytosolic DNA sensing and its role in innate immunity, tumorigenesis and therapy, (pdf 18 MB) Karl-Peter Hopfner

Cancer Evolution, (pdf 2.2 MB) Wolfgang Enard

Computational Models of Hematopoiesis (pdf 23.8 MB) Carsten Marr

All about niches, (pdf 34.6 MB) Robert Oostendorp

Myelodysplastic Syndromes, (pdf 11.9 MB) Katharina Götze

B cell development and lymphomagenesis, (pdf, 1.7 MB) Ursula Zimber-Strobl