SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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Good Scientific Practice

See the film on our 2017 Responsible Research event.


The SFB 1243 conforms to the DFG Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, and is committed to academic integrity, fairness and exemplary scientific conduct.

This topic is incorporated explicitly in the IRTG training goals. A collaborative campus event addressing "Responsible Research" (on popular demand from previous events) is being planned for 2017 together with the GraduateCenterLMU and other local graduate programs.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Good reference management and good citation practice can be learned throughout an individual's education, and are elements in IRTG training.
One source for guidelines for good citation practice can be found on the LMU Faculty of Biology website: http://www.biologie.uni-muenchen.de/studium/downloads_studium/guidelines-good-practice.pdf

Both the TUM and the LMU University Libraries offer free licenses for the citation management programs Citavi and Endnote.
LMU UB Reference Management

TUM Citation Management