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Mildred Scheel Research Professorship awarded to Irmela Jeremias

Professorship for Translational Apoptose Research in Pediatric Oncology


Prof. Dr. Irmela Jeremias, principal investigator in the SFB 1243 project A05 (Evolution of patient-dervied xenograft acute myeloid leukaemia subclones in a preclinical mouse model), is the recipient of the Mildred Scheel Professorship Award, amounting to one million euros over the next five years for her research aiming at improving leukemia therapy.

The Mildred Scheel award, embedded in the Deutsche Krebshilfe, awards funding for highly qualified young scientists who are active in innovative areas of clinically oriented cancer research.

Teaser photo from the LMU Universitätsklinikum press release (in German) .