SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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Jeremias, Irmela

Prof. Dr. Irmela Jeremias

Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Lindwurmstraße 4, 80337 München
Helmholtz Zentrum München
Marchioninistr. 25
81377 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 3187-1424

Website: Research Unit Gene Vectors

Work group

A05 Evolution of patients' AML cells in the individualized xenograft mouse model

10 Major publications related to project

(See publications for recent papers published in the SFB context since 2016)

Sandhöfer N, Metzeler KH, Rothenberg M, Herold T, Tiedt S, Groiß V, Carlet M, Walter G, Hinrichsen T, Wachter O, Grunert M, Schneider S, Subklewe M, Dufour A, Fröhling S, Klein HG, Hiddemann W, Jeremias I and Spiekermann K (2015). Dual PI3K/mTOR inhibition shows antileukemic activity in MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia, 29, 828-38.

Baumann U, Fernández-Sáiz V, Rudelius M, Lemeer S, Rad R, Knorn AM, Slawska J, Engel K, Jeremias I, Li Z, Tomiatti V, Illert AL, Targosz BS, Braun M, Perner S, Leitges M, Klapper W, Dreyling M, Miething C, Lenz G, Rosenwald A, Peschel C, Keller U, Kuster B and Bassermann F (2014). Disruption of the PRKCD-FBXO25-HAX-1 axis attenuates the apoptotic response and drives lymphomagenesis. Nat Med., 20, 1401-9.

Ehrhardt H, Pannert L, Pfeiffer S, Wachter F, Amtmann E and Jeremias I (2013). Enhanced anti-tumour effects of Vinca alkaloids given separately from cytostatic therapies. Br J Pharmacol., 168,1558-1569.

Ehrhardt H, Wachter F, Grunert M and Jeremias I (2013). Cell cycle-arrested tumor cells exhibit increased sensitivity towards TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Cell Death Dis, 4, e661.

Alves CC, Terziyska N, Grunert M, Gündisch S, Graubner U, Quintanilla-Martinez L and Jeremias I (2012). Leukemia-initiating cells of patient-derived acute lymphoblastic leukemia xenografts are sensitive towards TRAIL. Blood, 119, 4224-27.

Ehrhardt H, Höfig I, Wachter F, Obexer P, Fulda S, Terziyska N and Jeremias I (2012). NOXA as critical mediator for drug combinations in polychemotherapy. Cell Death Dis, 3, e327.

Grunert M, Gottschalk K, Kapahnke J, Gündisch S, Kieser A and Jeremias I (2012). The adaptor protein FADD and the initiator Caspase-8 mediate activation of NF-кB by TRAIL. Cell Death Dis, 3, e414.

Spranger S, Jeremias I, Wilde S, Leisegang M, Stärck L, Mosetter B, Uckert W, Heemskerk MH, Schendel DJ and Frankenberger B (2012). T-cell receptor-transgenic lymphocytes specific for HMMR/Rhamm limit tumor outgrowth in vivo. Blood, 119, 3440-9.

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Ehrhardt H, Wachter F, Maurer M, Stahnke K and Jeremias I (2011). Important role of Caspase-8 for chemo-sensitivity of ALL cells. Clin. Cancer Res., 17, 7605-7613.