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Zimber-Strobl, Ursula

PD Dr. Ursula Zimber-Strobl

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Research Unit Gene Vectors, Großhadern


Helmholtz Zentrum München
Research Unit Gene Vectors
Marchioninistr. 25
81377 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 3187-1523

Website: Research Group B Cell Development and Activation

Work group

A13 Genetic evolution of pre-germinal center B cell lymphomas in transgenic mice with the focus on Mantle Cell Lymphoma

10 Major publications related to project

(See publications for recent papers published in the SFB context since 2016)

Frankenberger S, Davari K, Fischer-Burkart S, Bottcher K, Tomi NS, Zimber-Strobl U and Jungnickel B (2014). Checkpoint kinase 1 negatively regulates somatic hypermutation. Nucleic Acids Res., 42, 3666-3674.

Hojer C, Frankenberger S, Strobl LJ, Feicht S, Djermanovic K, Jagdhuber F, Hömig-Hölzel C, Ferch U, Ruland J, Rajewsky K and Zimber-Strobl U (2014). B-cell expansion and lymphomagenesis induced by chronic CD40 signaling is strictly dependent on CD19. Cancer Res., 74, 4318-28.

Hampel F, Ehrenberg S, Hojer C, Draeseke A, Marschall-Schröter G, Kühn R, Mack B, Gires O, Vahl CJ, Schmidt-Supprian M, Strobl LJ and Zimber-Strobl U (2011). CD19-independent instruction of murine marginal zone B-cell development by constitutive Notch2 signaling. Blood, 118, 6321-6331.

Luckerath K, Kirkin V, Melzer IM, Thalheimer FB, Siele D, Milani W, Adler T, Aguilar-Pimentel A, Horsch M, Michel G, Beckers J, Busch DH, Ollert M, Gailus-Durner V, Fuchs H, Hrabĕ de Angelis M, Staal FJ, Rajalingam K, Hueber AO, Strobl LJ, Zimber-Strobl U and Zörnig M (2011). Immune modulation by Fas ligand reverse signaling: lymphocyte proliferation is attenuated by the intracellular Fas ligand domain. Blood, 117, 519-529.

Turchinovich G, Vu TT, Frommer F, Kranich J, Schmid S, Alles M, Loubert JB, Goulet JP, Zimber-Strobl U, Schneider P, Bachl J, Pearson R, Crossley M, Agenès F and Kirberg J (2011). Programming of marginal zone B-cell fate by basic Kruppel-like factor (BKLF/KLF3). Blood 117, 3780-379

Pechloff K, Holch J, Ferch U, Schweneker M, Brunner K, Kremer M, Sparwasser T, Quintanilla-Martinez L, Zimber-Strobl U, Streubel B, Gewies A, Peschel C and Ruland R (2010). The fusion kinase ITK-SYK mimics a T cell receptor signal and drives oncogenesis in conditional mouse models of peripheral T cell lymphoma. J Exp Med, 207, 1031-1044.

Kohlhof H, Hampel F, Hoffmann R, Burtscher H, Weidle U, Eick D, Zimber-Strobl U* and Strobl LJ* (2009). Notch1, Notch2 and EBNA2 signaling differently affect proliferation and survival of EBV-infected B cells. Blood, 113, 5506-15.*equivalent authors

Hömig-Hölzel C, Hojer C, Rastelli J, Casola S, Strobl LJ, Müller W, Quintanilla-Martinez L, Gewies A, Ruland J, Rajewsky K and Zimber-Strobl U (2008). Constitutive CD40 signaling in B cells selectively activates the noncanonical NF-kappaB pathway and promotes lymphomagenesis. J Exp Med., 205, 1317-29.

Rastelli J, Hömig-Hölzel C, Seagal J, Müller W, Hermann AC, Rajewsky K and Zimber-Strobl U (2008). LMP1 signaling can replace CD40 signaling in B cells in vivo and has unique features of inducing class-switch recombination to IgG1. Blood, 111, 1448-55.

Besseyrias V*, Fiorini E*, Strobl LJ*, Zimber-Strobl U*, Dumortier A, Koch U, Arcangeli ML, Ezine S, Macdonald HR and Radtke F (2007). Hierarchy of Notch-Delta interactions promoting T cell lineage commitment and maturation. J Exp Med., 204, 331-43. *equivalent first author