SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution

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Fuchs, Christiane

Prof. Dr. Christiane Fuchs

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institute of Computational Biology


SFB 1243 Equal Opportunity Officer


Helmholtz Zentrum München
Institute of Computational Biology
Ingolstädter Landstr. 1
85764 Neuherberg

Phone: +49 (0)89 3187-3385

Website: Biostatistics Group
Website: Institute of Computational Biology

Work group

A17 Computational models of neoplasmic heterogeneities and lineage choice

10 Major publications related to project

(See publications for recent papers published in the SFB context since 2016)

Illner K, Miettinen J, Fuchs C, Taskinen S, Nordhausen K, Oja H and Theis F (2015). Model selection using limiting distributions of second-order blind source separation algorithms. Signal Process, 113, 95-103.

Kaufmann S, Fuchs C, Gonik M, Khrameeva E, Mironov A and Frishman D (2015). Inter-chromosomal contact networks provide insights into mammalian chromatin organization. PLoS One, 10, e0126125

Kondofersky I, Fuchs C and Theis F (2015). Identifying latent dynamic components in biological systems. IET Syst Biol. DOI: 10.1049/iet-syb.2014.0013.

Sadic D, Schmidt K, Groh S, Kondofersky I, Ellwart J, Fuchs C, Theis FJ and Schotta G (2015). Atrx promotes heterochromatin formation at retrotransposons. EMBO Rep., 2015 May 26. [Epub ahead of print]

Bajikar S*, Fuchs C*, Roller A, Theis F and Janes K (2014). Parameterizing cell-to-cell regulatory heterogeneities via stochastic transcriptional profiles. PNAS, 111, E626-E635. * joint first authorship

Illner K, Fuchs C and Theis FJ (2014): Bayesian blind source separation applied to the lymphocyte pathway. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computational Statistics, COMPSTAT 2014, August 19-22, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.

Illner K, Fuchs C and Theis F (2014). Bayesian blind source separation for data with network structure. Journal of Computational Biology, 21, 855-865.

Fuchs C (2013). Inference for Diffusion Processes with Applications in Life Sciences. Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg.

Schneider K*, Fuchs C*, Dobay A, Rottach A, Qin W, Wolf P, Alvarez-Castro J, Nalaskowski M, Kremmer E, Schmid V, Leonhardt H and Schermelleh L (2013). Dissection of cell cycle-dependent dynamics of Dnmt1 by FRAP and diffusion-coupled modeling. Nucleic Acids Res., 41, 4860-4876. * joint first authorship

Wahl S, Holzapfel C, Yu Z, Breier M, Kondofersky I, Fuchs C, Singmann P, Prehn C, Adamski J, Grallert H, Illig T, Wang-Sattler R and Reinehr T (2013). Metabolomics reveals determinants of weight loss during lifestyle intervention in obese children. Metabolomics, 9, 1157-1167.